Lake Erie Photography

Waking up early to set off on a morning kayaking adventure is always an incredible experience along the shores of Lake Erie. Traveling east with the waves pushing us through the waters along the shoreline brought us along for a scenic paddle. Traveling towards New York State, we paddled past the North East Marina and continued heading East. The skies were overcast with hints of Sunshine as the clouds moved through. Rain was on the radar for later in the day, but by the time we got back to shore, the gray skies were more prevalent. The views along the Lake Shore are always impressive, and seeing the properties along the route makes the excursions even more memorable. The summer vibes are winding down as Mother Nature transitions into the Autumnal Equinox as we hone into September, we continue to enjoy each day. The Beach Life Adirondack chair seemed to…

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North East Beachside Creations went on a Voyage this summer aboard the Lettie G. Howard down on the Bayfront in Erie, PA, catching the best of the Bayfront Sunsets on a beautiful Summer evening at the same time of the Full Moon rising. A little history of this beauty…the Lettie G. Howard, formerly Mystic C and Caviare, is a wooden Fredonia schooner. This one dates back to being built in 1893 in Essex, Massachusetts, USA. A quick history lesson for you, this was used by American offshore fishermen and may be one of the only surviving examples of it’s kind… and believe it or not, back in 1989 She was declared a National Historic Landmark! The Lettie is currently with the Flagship Niagara League located on Erie’s Bayfront in downtown Erie, PA! If you are looking to get the feels of how to set sail on a beauty like her,…

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Fall is in the air… Cool breeze, Summer Sunsets, Vibrant colors filled with Oranges, Red, Pinks & Blues reflecting off the waves as calm as the night on Lake Erie. This beauty tonight makes us think of our favorite season ever, Pumpkins, Gourds, and those crisp fall nights. As we continue to hang on to summer…we are excited for Wine Country to harvest.

Altho it turned out to be a Rainy Day for us to be able to set up in Mayville, New York, and the event was canceled when we arrived, we explored the area anyway and happened to catch the Chautauqua Belle Steamboat traveling through Chautauqua Lake. Have you explored with the Chautauqua Belle? North East Beachside Creations traveled on a voyage two years ago during a summer excursion, and it was an amazing experience!! Enjoy the views of Chautauqua Lake from here if you haven’t yet!

Thunder Storms + Summer Time = Lake Erie experiences How do you take on the T-Storms? Do you sit outside and watch the lightning flash and listen to the rain drops from the distance? Do you hunker down and Watch the storm from inside? We do all of the above. Sometimes we can watch right from the deck or the cliffside along the beach. Sometimes we escape the Rain Drops and watch from indoors on our enclosed porch. Regardless, we have a view and we take it in. Within reason of course, safety first! We do often catch ourselves watching the Thunder Storms roll in, while Lake Erie’s waves kick up from all the action. Sometime’s it’s reversed and we watch the lightning and dark clouds roll in from the South hovering over the vineyards and head North towards Lake Erie. Are you a thunder storm watcher?

National Light House Day. August 7th, 2021. North East Beachside Creations stopped by Barcelona Lighthouse and took a very neat tour. Check it out next time you are in Westfield, New York. Where’s the last Lighthouse you saw?

Westfield, NY was a glorious morning to enjoy specialty shops from the area. North East Beachside Creations featured their Spring, Summer + Fall Collections from 4-packs of Note Cards. Create your own 4-pack with our Fall Collection. We had a great day! Thank you Westfield, New York! Customers were reminiscing as they explored our photography and took home specialty items. Thank you for SUPPORTING LOCAL! Contact us to get your cards! Limited edition note cards available to purchase.

The most difficult moments in life can be uplifted by a special note. Thinking of You + Sympathy + Any Occasion. Our cards have you covered. Handcrafted + locally made, designed for any occasion, no matter if it’s the happiest of times or the more heartbreaking moments. Our Signature Collection is ready for you. Contact us to get your cards! Limited edition note cards available to purchase.

Who’s ready for FALL? North East Beachside Creations is unveiling the latest FALL SIGNATURE COLLECTION from our Greeting Card collection. Do you love a sunrise over the vineyards flourishing with juicy, plump grapes? Pouring wine in a glass sipping slowly enjoying the sunset on the Lake? Locally Grown Pumpkins and beautifully grown Mums. These are all featured in our NEWEST RELEASES of our FALL SIGNATURE COLLECTION. NEW RELEASES will be available exclusively at WESTFIELD, NY on AUGUST 7th + MAYVILLE, NY on AUGUST 12th. It’s never to early to enjoy fall on Lake Erie. Contact us to get your cards! Limited edition note cards available to purchase.

We brought the beach to Mayville, NY’s Village Park and set up shop featuring Lake Erie photography from North East, PA! We had a great time visiting and showcasing our Signature Collection! Today we featured our SUMMER Signature Collection, featuring recent snapshots from the beautiful sunsets and beyond! Thank You, Mayville for hosting this beautiful day!

We set up shop at Moore Park in Westfield, New York! The rain was a little spotty throughout our visit but we had an awesome time. Hope to see you at the next one! August 7th, 2021. Be there. Westfield, New York.

It’s time to drop our Signature SUMMER Collection of 2021. Who’s Ready? Photography Photoshoot by yours truly, the North East Beachside Creations photographers, right along the shores of where we capture most of our Signature Collection. In the heart of Wine Country in North East, PA. Lake Erie is home.

North East Beachside Creations is excited to announce upcoming Summer 2021 Events! /// FARMERS’ + ARTISANS’ MARKETS /// • WESTFIELD, NY • July 17th + August 7th • MAYVILLE, NY •July 22nd + August 12th See you there.

New Releases in Spring 2021. SYMPATHY CARDS. Although many of our sunset photography note cards would be appropriate, sympathy cards have been released! Sending a thoughtful note during a difficult time can be the most beautiful moment. Look no further than our Signature Collection. This collection is available to purchase from the New York Artisans’ Market coming up in July and August! Stay tuned for event details!

Spring 2021 Collection is NOW AVAILABLE at the Grape Discovery Center in Westfield, New York! Featuring stunning spring views of North East, PA’s most beautiful transformation from winter capturing the most precious moments of Mother Nature. Find the perfect Gift anytime at the Grape Discovery Center!